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You are the father of three girls and in the game you will have options to pursue many girls. I will create many different routes to follow. Update 13:

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Proud Father is a game that is not for me. What we have here is a lewd game and as the title suggests, it is a “dad” style of incest story. Look, that at the best of times does not click with me, but I feel I need to warn you right off the bat that this is a game that has characters that are just way too young looking. It goes way beyond being a turn off and it makes it hard for me to recommend it to you guys. Keep on reading though to see if this is a lewd sandbox adventure game that is going to be something that clicks with you.

The Horniest Dad Around!

I cannot think of another dad in a lewd game that is as horny and sexually crazy as the dad in Proud Father is. This guy just wants to get laid all of the time, but he does not care who it is with. As long as it is a female, she is fair game to him and that does not matter if it is someone in his own family, like his daughter or his niece. This is not a unique lewd game premise to be fair, but this dude is certainly one of the crazier more sex obsessed characters I have seen.

An Inner Struggle

Now, if the game kept this tone, Proud Father may be passable to some people as some kind of satire game. However, his sexually deviant behavior is thrown into question as he is willing to bang his daughters, but at the same time, he is also wanting to make sure they are ok! This is a very strangely written game that is hard to follow and is the kind of game that needed a good editor to trim this down and have it make more sense.

Nope, No, Nope!

When I saw the daughter and niece character renders in Proud Father something came to mind. There is a scene in Two and a Half Men where Megan Fox is at Charlie’s house and he wants nothing to do with her as she is way too young. That is exactly the feeling I get here with this game. These are character renders that in no way could pass for being 18. If I am being 100 percent honest, they look more like 14 at the most and that is just creepy. They clearly worked hard on these renders, but I have zero desire to see characters like this in any kind of adult situations.

How Many Clicks To The Center Of Jail?

If you get that reference, you are awesome! Anyway, Proud Father as far as the gameplay goes is very typical of your average lewd sandbox style game. You will have to click on different parts of the house to go into different rooms, talk to characters, solve basic puzzles, and try to move things along in the right way. It is not “bad” as far as the gameplay goes, but as I know what the “prize” is for playing this, I was not interested in trying to see this thing through as I just found it way too creepy.




English, French, Italian, German ,Spanish – Spain, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese – Brazil, Russian, Spanish – Latin America, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Greek

Content Changed

Patch is adding incest content to the games.


Patch Instructions

Put the “patch.rpy” file into the “/game” folder.


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